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On world mental health day, I wrote about training your brain to look of the positive side of life.

From my understandings and beliefs, it’s no surprise to me I was reminded in the wee hours of this morning not to dismiss uncomfortable feelings.

My knowledge of how the brain works and exercises to help mental wellbeing and clarity have dramatically increased since my latest training courses. Especially my EMDR teachings.

Though that’s not to say I’ve deviated from my person centred roots of staying with a person’s emotions, whatever they are. Accepting them and letting those feelings ride through the body and transmute into healing.

At 4am this morning my brain and body made me take notice of what was going on inside. While liking to think I’m highly self-aware and in tune with my internal state, sometimes it does have to shout quite loudly at me!

Experiencing my third night on the row of not sleeping well, I duly listened and said enough is enough. As I started some breathing techniques I noticed intense bodily sensations. These can be quite frightening if you don’t understand what they are. Many of us are brought up to not listen to these feelings and billions are spent every year telling us that something is wrong with us if we are not happy and we need x, y or z to fix it.

This belief is false. Once we tune into our bodies and listen to what they need and want the feelings afterwards far exceed what an external purchase could give you.

Whilst lying on the bed in the early hours letting these feelings wash over me, noticing where they moved in my body and how my muscles and limbs responded, I fell into a relaxing sleep and woke up a few hours later feeling like a new woman.

The point of me writing this is to tell you that all emotions are important. If you are feeling down or experiencing anxiety today your body is alerting you that something is out of alignment with your true self and needs your attention. Listen to what that is and life will start to look brighter.

If you need help in being guided through that process, please get in touch. I feel so lucky to be able to offer a safe space and expertise for healing to occur.

Much love

Sarah 💕

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