Being Inspirated!

'Mummy come and see my drawings, I was inspirated!' Aren’t these types of phrases from kids great? Often summing up emotion of a situation much better than correct English. When my nearly six-year-old said these words, my heart melted at the ‘made up’ word and her obvious feelings of love and pride associated with what it meant to her.

What makes you inspirated?

For me that word means having inspiration and taking action on it all at the same time. The taking action part is often the bit that’s missing! How many times after feeling inspired by someone or something have you said a phrase like, ‘oh I’d love to do such and such’ but something has always got in the way?

It’s often just not so helpful thoughts that are getting in between inspiration and action. I know how very convincing they can be too! This is where having a young undeveloped brain helps. It hasn’t made those fearful connections. If a child see’s something it wants to do, it will simply go ahead and do it without any thought to the consequence.

What would you do if there no fearful consequences?

In therapy I often try and help clients connect with that innocent child who was in awe of the world. It in all of us somewhere, sometimes life’s circumstances make it deep and buried!

I attended an international trauma conference in Belfast last week and was very much inspired by all the speakers there. I’d heard many of the theories and read many of the speakers books before but hearing other people’s passion evoked something in me, or could have been healed something in me, to take action on an idea that popped into my head after one of the conference sessions.

It will be a community wide project where I aim to bring together families to ignite our tribal roots. I believe many people’s feelings of anxiety and isolation stem from the disconnected society we live in today. We are social creatures; we are programmed to be with others in order to have stable mental well-being. If we are not around groups we trust and like, then our basic survival needs do not feel safe whatsoever. Just to note this is not an idea for communal living, that brings more problems than solutions in my view. This is a way people can feel more connected to others and in turn themselves by tapping into our primal desires for closeness. After a few hours you can go home to the comforts of your 21st century lifestyle.

I shall keep you posted as more details come together.

I'm also still very much committed to my private one to one trauma counselling work. The conference has affirmed to me that I'm on the right path with my style of therapy and I'm looking forward to helping more and more people out of distress and into healing and positivity.

Wishing you a week of feeling inspirated!

Much love


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