Trigger Happy!

If you looked at me would you know that it doesn't take much (in certain situations) to feel extremely anxious?

Sarah Jones Anxiety and Trauma Counsellor

Being a counsellor I'm supposed to have my stuff together, right?

Well I'd like to think I'm a good way there but that doesn't mean I don't have situations which trigger my anxieties. That doesn't mean I can't be a damn good counsellor.

And this is because I have self awareness. When I'm triggered by something or someone I know exactly what's happening in my body and nervous system. Sometimes I can calm down quite quickly other times I need a chat with a loved one or my supervisor.

I also have a handy set of tools! I call upon these in times of strife and it's one I add to all the time.

I know exercise at my favourite gym helps, I know having a massage by a super tuned in therapist helps, heck even just having a sit down and a cup of tea helps.

Everyone's tool box is different and I love helping people fill theirs with what feels right just for them.

Understanding is also key. I know how my triggers have developed. I went through some tricky stuff as a child and that has left it's mark. I now know it doesn't have to define me and I accept myself, triggers 'n all :).

Much love


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