When Positive Thinking Doesn't Work

Maybe you've tried self help/personal development books and courses before and think, 'yeah this is great, this is going to help me to stop worrying and enable me to do x y or z', but something always pulls you back to how life was before. Or maybe you try positive thinking and then the thoughts of living without anxiety tumble in and it feels completely terrifying, 'who am i if I don't worry about everything?'! I remember having all those feelings. Part of me was desperate to change, I didn't want feel paralysed by anxiety and worry anymore. The other half of me was terrified of not having the worry part of myself. I'd identified with it so much it felt too scary to let it go. During my training where I was being challenged left, right and centre the teachings of Karly Randolph Pittman came into my life. I signed up for her 30 day sugar free challenge that she had on that time. In one of her audios she talked about learning to feel uncomfortable when it comes to the cravings of wanting to consume sugary foods and drink. This really struck a chord with me. Yes, I thought, I hate the discomfort feeling I have when I want to eat something 'bad' but know I 'shouldn't'. Over the next few weeks and months I realised how much this resistance to feeling uncomfortable plays a part in everyday anxiety. Whenever I felt discomfort I would think something was 'wrong' and go straight back to fear fuelled thinking. When I stopped and started to listen to that feeling, understand that it was a completely normal reaction to stress it lost it's power. So a key to reducing anxiety is to first notice that uncomfortable feeling when it arises. It's usually when a stress enters your life. What does it feel like to you? Where in the body do you feel it? Then tell yourself- this is a completely normal reaction, I don't have to fight it or distract myself from it. Accept the feeling. This will then allow your adrenaline response to calm down (learn more here about the adrenaline response) and enable you to make more effective choices that feel right for you. If you feel you'd like to explore this further then please get in contact with me and we can have a chat about whether some in depth sessions would be suitable for you. Keep up to date with all my latest news on my facebook page. Much love and blessings to you. Sarah

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