Feeling Fabulous Inside and Out

If you follow my facebook page my page you will know i'm passionate about helping people feel good about themselves.


Many people don't like the way they look and have high anxiety about what food to eat.


I'm developing an online course to help as many people as I can change the perception about themselves and food so they can discover their true selves and like them!

Before I roll it out fully I'm looking for a small group to help me know that I have the kind of information and support needed to make a significant change for people.

This course is right for you if:
🌻You see every 'flaw' of yourself when you look in the mirror (if you look in mirrors at all).
🌻You often feel guilty about food. 
🌻You have been on many diets over the years but none of them have worked. 
🌻You understand 'healthy eating' but have compulsions that over ride logical thinking. 
🌻You have a real desire to change and think differently about yourself.
🌻You are willing to look into yourself to understand your thoughts and feelings.

This is a six week course where you will receive a video each week of me explaining different ideas and setting tasks. In addition to this you will have access to a secret members group where all participants can share their experiences as they go through the course. I will be on hand for support too.

If this sounds like you then I'm offering this testing phase for just £29.99. I plan to sell at it £99 once I have proven results.

I only have 10 spaces available. The first video will be sent out on Tuesday 13th March.

March 2018 Course Now Closed For Bookings. 

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Course Structure

Week 1- Introduction to the course and how to start to bring your awareness to your thoughts and feelings. 

Week 2- Two videos, one on how the brain works and how this relates to self esteem and relationship with food. The other is about how perceptions of the human form have changed throughout history. 

Week 3- Video on how our relationship with food manifests and how to understand and recognise triggers. 

Week 4- Techniques around calming anxieties. Especially good for those times you feel overwhlemed and hopeless about how you look and what you eat. 

Week 5- How to connect with your true self who wants to live a happy, healthy lifestyle and feel good about themselves. 

Week 6- How to take what you've learned into your life from now on and know how to cope when stress's come into your life that usually trigger anxious thoughts around body image and food. 


To Register Interest For The Next In-take Please Click Here And Fill In Your Details