What is EMDR?

EMDR cert.jpg

EMDR was created by Psychologist Francine Shapiro. She discovered that rapid eye movements helped heal traumatic memories. 

EMDR works by activating the brain and the stress response in a way that makes in susceptible to re-wiring and therefore thinking about things differently. 

The EMDR sessions are set out in a particular way in order for the technique to be successful. As part of the protocol I ask a series of questions which begins to activate both sides of your brain, then I sit opposite you and perform the reprocessing. This happens by either looking at my fingers from side to side or tapping on your hands or knees.

It's a great technique that access's deep parts of the subconscious that talking therapy can't. If it works for you usually only a few sessions are needed for you to feel completely different about the feelings that once were so troubling. 

There are some cases where it is not an appropriate technique to use. Your safety and well being are always at the forefront of my mind. I have lots of other strategies to try if EMDR isn't right for you. 


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