How to be free of fear and feel empowered with my trauma therapy

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Personalised Recovery

Have you come to a point in your life where you're ready for change?

You have been through painful, stressful experiences but can't understand why you feel worried and anxious all the time. Feeling numb, hopeless, out of control and exhausted are the norm for you. 


I've crafted a unique style of counselling which combines compassionate talking therapy with the latest neuro psychology techniques. Through helping you understand your past and giving you specific techniques to feel calmer you will gain personal power and live the life you want. 

I'm passionate about providing counselling that works for you and your life. This means I listen and adapt as we build our therapeutic relationship so you feel your life is transforming.  

My commitment to you

I provide a warm, safe environment filled with empathy to ensure deep healing can occur. We will work together to find tools and strategies to calm your nervous system for you to discover who you truly are and live by your truth. 

Next, if appropriate, we will work to process any memories that may be playing on your mind through specialised techniques such as EMDR and other trauma focused therapies which i'm qualified in. This heals deep rooted uncomfortable feelings so you no longer experience shame, nightmares and flashbacks. 

Lastly I will help you understand how you can evolve after all of our learning together, so you feel EMPOWERED you can cope with stressful experiences in the future. 

I can help adults, young people and children. 


How it works

Every client is different to the amount of sessions they need. 

However on average around 16 sessions is what I find works best to travel through the three stages of calm, process and evolve

Most clients book in blocks, this gives you the best value and helps you feel committed to the process. 

Single sessions usually start from £50ph, however, if the Coronavirus has affected your finances I'm happy to work in your budget. 

Session blocks start with packages of 3.  

If you are classed as a low income family I offer one discounted place at any one time. 

Contact me to arrange your first appointment.