The Anxiety Buster

My online, single session therapy service.

Are you wondering how much longer you can carry on like this? How much more stress and anxiety can one person feel, but you are not quite sure about going to see a counsellor face to face?

I believe knowledge is key to overcoming anxiety and with this service I will endeavour to help you begin to understand your thoughts and feelings. I'll also give you some effective strategies to help calm your anxiety and start thinking clearer. You can then decide if you'd like to explore your issues further with some face to face counselling. 

I'm a highly qualified counsellor (read more about me here) and I am passionate about helping people understand why they experience anxiety and giving them effective strategies and tools that will work for their lives.

How it works:

Click on the buy now button, once payment is received you will receive a questionnaire from me asking about your life and what problems you have. This is so I can understand your situation. The more information I have the easier it will be to help you, however, only divulge what feels safe to you. I never push any clients to tell me more than they are ready for. 


All answers are confidential between you and me and questionnaires are deleted once our interactions have completed. 


I will reply within 48 hours with my insights into your situation and tailored strategies that have best chance of making a positive difference in your life.  


You will come away from the course with a new perspective on your stress and anxiety and hope that change is possible.  

£47 (less than an hours consulting fee with me)