The Day I Will Never Forget!

Why do I specialise in psychological trauma? The answer is a very personal one and one that is explained through a childhood memory below. I have no recollection of what happened prior to 2pm on March 10th 1987 but the rest of the day can be recalled on in a flash. For confidentiality reasons, all names have been changed. All our 7 and 8 year old heads turn to look at the school hall door as we notice some teachers talking in hushed voices in that area. Up until that poin

Oh No It Isn't, Oh Yes It Is!

If your British upbringing was anything like mine, this familiar expression is filled with childhood memories, yelling it at the funny dressed characters in the theatre at Christmas time. Pantomimes and fairy tale stories can convey much about our societies past and present psychology. What makes the line ‘oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is’ so appealing? How has it lasted the decades of pantomimes in our country? My theory is that it taps into a familiar feeling in ourselves. How

Being Inspirated!

'Mummy come and see my drawings, I was inspirated!' Aren’t these types of phrases from kids great? Often summing up emotion of a situation much better than correct English. When my nearly six-year-old said these words, my heart melted at the ‘made up’ word and her obvious feelings of love and pride associated with what it meant to her. What makes you inspirated? For me that word means having inspiration and taking action on it all at the same time. The taking action part is o

Hidden Fear!

Fear can be sneaky! Life is going along quite nicely; it may not be exactly what you want but on the whole things are good. And then, BOOM! You are struck by anxiety. Something in your body doesn’t feel right. You start to worry about everything! You may try to push it to one side, ‘it’s fine I’m doing okay’. But it won’t go fully away and before you know it you feel very anxious and unsure what to do. That anxiety feeling is nearly always driven by fear. Gabby Bernstein in h