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Who I am:

Hello, I'm Sarah Jones, thank you for visiting my website. I hope you are finding what you are looking for. I'm very passionate about providing effective therapy that works!


I live with my husband, daughter and baby son in the beautiful county of Cheshire. 


I solely work as a private practice counsellor so I can work around my family. I have a job that I love and am able to be there as a mum and wife too. I feel very lucky.  

How I became a counsellor:

I've had a varied career up until now. I was as a graphic designer after art college, this progressed to cake design in later years with a few different things in between. 


I took a career break when my daughter was born, however, by the time she was 18months old I began to have itchy feet. I wanted to find something that used my brain but also could fit in with family life.


I've always been interested in psychology and personal development and when looking for courses to do I found the counselling and psychology training at Keele University. 

I was accepted onto the course in 2014 and I feel very lucky to have found a career (at last) that nourishes my whole being and enables me to help others at the same time.  

I'm now qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma and a Certificate in children's counselling. In the last year I have also completed specialised psychological trauma training and qualified as a EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprocessing) therapist.

Why trauma:

To become a qualified counsellor you need to pass 100 training hours with face to face clients. During my work placements I noticed that some clients seem to get stuck and the usual talking therapy way of being was not helping them move forward in life. 

I did some research into why this could be and came across trauma and neuro- psychology theories. These made so much sense to me. Understanding the biological reasons for stress and anxiety helped me put together missing jigsaw puzzle pieces for events that had happened in my past. I parted this knowledge onto my clients who were struggling and it helped them greatly too. 

Once qualifying from university I then went on to train further in trauma and have been luck to have been taught by top international trainers in their field.    


How I can help you:

I understand what it's like to live in a state of anxiety all the time. I used to think that was just me and my normal. I now understand it was because of the traumatic experiences I'd had in my early life. Who knew i didn't have to feel messed up all the time, there was relief to the constant worry and chatter in my head! 


I can help you lift that fog in your head, help you feel safe in the world so you truly know what joy and happiness feel like. 


Check out my services on the main menu. I very much look forward to getting to know you as a client and helping you live the life you want to.